Read Jesus’ Story in Sequence (v.10)

Do you want to read the Bible but don’t know where to start? Do you want to read Jesus’ complete story from birth to death without going back & forth?

These were some of the questions I asked before I started my journey in reading the Bible. Reading the Bible was a huge task which is overwhelming, and discouraging. To help you jump over these problems, I share my notes with you on my personal project so you can take on the task of knowing God’s story, of understanding God’s love letter, of living out the life God planned for you. I have found comfort, protection, & security from God’s words countless times in my life and I want everyone to enjoy these privileges with the least amount of difficulty.

My advise for the willing individual is to start with the focus of the Bible: Jesus. If you can only appreciate the love of God as expressed in the life & death of His Chosen One, then [trying to finish] reading the whole Bible will not be as tiring as your sick spirit tells you. Yes, your spirit is weak and you need to be spoon fed by the very Words of God.

Please note that this personal project is a work in progress. What you will read below is the 10th draft of the outline. Each blog posts is now linked to each event.

How to use this guide?
Bible Version:

I suggest you first choose a version of the Bible that is very very easy to read. You’re probably not a teacher or a theologian so there’s little need to get a highly accurate translation. What is important now is you understand Jesus’ story. Here are some suggested versions with my personal comments:

New Living Translation (NLT) – very easy to read. It uses the same English grammar and terms we’re using today. Unfamiliar units & places have been translated to modern measurements & names for easier recall.

Good News Bible-Catholic edition, Septuagint sequence (GNBDK) – also very easy to read with the same features as the NLT

New International Version (NIV) – the English grammar and terms of the 90s. Most expressions are very familiar to what you hear and read in most online quotes

New American Bible (NAB) – the Catholic Bible used in the masses in the US so that you don’t get confused with unfamiliar expressions found in the NLT & GNBDK

Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition (RSVCE) – in English but with higher accuracy in translating older versions of the Bible

I’d discourage the beginner from using the versions KJV, Douay-Rheimes, & the like because even though these are loved versions, they are difficult to understand. It was easy to understand back in 1600s when they came out because it was the English grammar of the 16th century. Our generation lives in 2000AD where even the grammar of the 1990s is not entirely similar to the 2010s. That said, I recommend the 5 listed versions above. BUT of course, you may use the Bible you have in hand, even the ones you use in your cellphone apps. It is NOT a sin. Believe me.

There are 224 events listed in this sequence and I suggest that you set a time to read for yourself. For me, I do it at night before I sleep [or to put me to sleep 😋]. If you like, you can even do it first thing in the morning, or while you’re on your way to work/school. Traffic might even be the best time to read this. Again, it is your call on how you might want to pace yourself, but I suggest you set a regular time to do so.

This version is now updated with links that jump directly to the blogpost. I have yet to update the links inside each blogpost.

You may visit an earlier version of this blog where each hyperlink opens the gospel account on either your app or an online page.
There are a few more notes at the bottom of this blog post. Do take time to read before you start a great journey of reading Jesus’ story from start to end. God bless you and guide you with The Holy Spirit.

I. Introductory Texts

1. The Prologue to John’s Gospel
2. The Preface to Luke’s Gospel
3. The Record of Jesus’ Ancestors

II. Birth & Childhood

A. Birth

4. The Birth of the Baptist Foretold
5. The Birth of Jesus Foretold
6. Mary visits Elizabeth
7. Mary’s Song of Praise
8. The Birth of John the Baptist
9. Zechariah’s Prophecy
10. The Birth of Jesus
11. Shepherd’s visit Jesus
12. Jesus is Circumcised
13. Jesus is Presented in the Temple
14. The Prophecy of Simeon
15. The Prophecy of Anna
16. The Visit of the Wise Men
17. The Escape to Egypt
18. The Return to Nazareth

B. Childhood

19. The Growth of John the Baptist
20. The Growth of Jesus
21. Jesus Speaks with the Teachers
22. Jesus Grows in Wisdom and Stature

III. Baptism & pre-Ministry

A. Baptism

23. John is commissioned to find the Messiah
24. John the Baptist prepares the Way for Jesus
25. The Baptism of Jesus

B. Pre-Ministry

26. Satan Tempts Jesus in the Wilderness
27. John the Baptist’s Testimony about Jesus
28. The First Disciples
29. The Wedding at Cana

IV. The 1st visit to Jerusalem (Passover 1)

30. Jesus clears the Temple
31. Jesus Ministers in Jerusalem
32. Jesus and Nicodemus
33. John the Baptist Exalts Jesus
34. Jesus leaves for Galilee after Herod arrests John
35. Jesus passes through Samaria
36. Many Samaritans Believe
37. Jesus preaches in Galilee
38. Jesus is Rejected at Nazareth
39. Jesus Heals an Official’s Son
40. Fishermen Follow Jesus
41. Jesus Exorcises a Demon & Teaches with Authority
42. Jesus heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law & Others
43. Jesus Preaches throughout Galilee
44. Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy
45. Jesus Forgives & Heals a Paralyzed Man
46. Jesus calls Matthew and Dines at his House
47. A Discussion about Fasting

V. The 2nd visit to Jerusalem (Passover 2?)

A. From Passover to Pentecost

48. Jesus Heals a Lame Man
49. Jesus claims to be the Son of God
50. Witnesses to Jesus
51. The Disciples pick Wheat on the Sabbath
52. Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

B. Towards the Big Reveal

53. Large Crowds follow Jesus
54. Jesus selects the Twelve Disciples
55. Jesus’ Sermon

a. The Beatitudes
b. Sorrows Foretold
c. Teaching about Salt and Light
d. Teaching about the Law
e. Teaching about Anger
f. Teaching about Adultery
g. Teaching about Divorce
h. Teaching about Vows
i. Teaching about Revenge
j. Love for Enemies
k. Teaching about Giving to the Needy
l. Teaching about Prayer and Fasting
m. Teaching about Money and Possessions
n. Do not Judge others
o. Effective Prayer
p. The Golden Rule
q. The Narrow Gate
r. The Tree and Its Fruit
s. True Disciples
t. Building on a Solid Foundation

56. The Faith of a Roman Officer
57. Jesus raises a Widow’s son from the Dead
58. Jesus eases John the Baptist’s Doubts
59. Judgement for the Unbelievers
60. Jesus’ Prayer of Thanksgiving
61. A Sinful Woman Anoints Jesus
62. The Women who Travelled with Jesus
63. Jesus is Accused of Being in League with Satan
64. The Sign of Jonah
65. Jesus’ True Family
66. The Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed
67. Jesus Explains the Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed
68. The Parable of the Lamp
69. The Parable of the Growing Seed
70. The Parable of the Wheat and Weeds
71. The Parable of the Mustard Seed
72. The Parable of the Yeast
73. Comment on Jesus’ use of Parables
74. Jesus explains the Parable of the Wheat and Weeds
75. The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
76. The Parable of the Pearl Merchant
77. The Parable of the Fishing Net
78. Jesus calms the Storm
79. Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Man
80. Jesus Heals a Woman & Raises a Girl from the Dead
81. Jesus Heals the Blind and Mute
82. Jesus is Rejected at Nazareth
83. Prayer for more Workers
84. Jesus Sends out the Twelve Disciples
85. Jesus warns the Disciples of Persecution
86. Herod Executes John the Baptist
87. Herod Mistakes Jesus for John the Baptist back from the Dead
88. Jesus Miraculously Feeds 5,000
89. Jesus walks on Water
90. All who Touch Jesus are Healed
91. Jesus is the True Bread of Heaven
92. Many Disciples desert Jesus
93. Jesus argues with the Pharisees
94. A woman from Phoenicia believes in Jesus
95. Jesus heals many People
96. Jesus Miraculously Feeds 4,000
97. Religious Leaders Demand a Sign
98. Jesus warns the Disciples about Corrupt Teachings
99. Jesus Heals a Blind Man

C. The Big Reveal and the next trip back to Jerusalem

100. Peter declares Jesus is the Christ
101. Jesus Predicts His Death & Resurrection the First Time
102. The Transfiguration of Jesus
103. Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy
104. Jesus Predicts His Death & Resurrection the Second Time
105. Jesus is Questioned about the Temple Tax
106. Argument about Who is the Greatest
107. The Disciples Forbid Another Man from using Jesus’ Name
108. Jesus Warns against Temptation
109. Correcting another Believer
110. The Parable of the Unforgiving Debtor
111. Jesus’ Brothers Ridicule Him
112. The Mistaken Zeal of James & John
113. The Cost of Following Jesus

D. Feast of Tabernacles/Trumpets

114. Scenes at the Temple

a. Jesus Teaches openly at the Temple
b. Is Jesus the Messiah?
c. Jesus Promises Living Water

115. Division and Unbelief
116. Jesus Forgives an Adulterous Woman
117. Jesus is the Light of the World
118. Jesus warns the Unbelieving
119. Jesus Identifies God’s True Children & Claims Deity
120. Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
121. Spiritual Blindness
122. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
123. Jesus Sends Out Seventy-Two Disciples
124. Jesus’ Prayer of Thanksgiving
125. The Most Important Commandment
126. The Parable of the Good Samaritan
127. Jesus Visits Mary & Martha
128. Jesus Teaches about Prayer
129. The Light Within
130. Jesus Criticizes the Religious Leaders
131. A Warning against Hypocrisy
132. Jesus speaks about Worldliness and Spiritual Alertness

a. Parable of the Rich Fool
b. Teaching about Money & Possessions
c. Be Ready for the Lord’s Coming

133. Jesus causes Division
134. Jesus calls the People to Repent

a. Call to Repentance (Sin & Suffering)
b. Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

135. Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman on the Sabbath
136. Jesus Claims to be God’s Son
137. Jesus departs Jerusalem

E. The Last few months

138. The Narrow Door into the Kingdom
139. Jesus grieves over Jerusalem
140. Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
141. Jesus Teaches about Humility
142. The Parable of the Great Feast
143. The Cost of Being a Disciple
144. The Parable of the Lost Sheep
145. The Parable of the Lost Coin
146. The Parable of the Lost Son
147. The Parable of the Shrewd Manager
148. Jesus Confronts Scoffing Pharisees
149. The Parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus
150. Jesus Teaches about Forgiveness & Faith
151. Jesus raises Lazarus from the Dead
152. The Religious Leaders plot to Murder Jesus
153. Jesus Heals Ten Men with Leprosy
154. The Coming of the Kingdom
155. The Parable of the Persistent Widow
156. The Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector
157. Jesus Teaches about Marriage & Divorce
158. Jesus Blesses the Children
159. The Rich Young Ruler
160. The Parable of the Vineyard Workers
161. Jesus Predicts His Death & Resurrection the Third Time
162. Jesus Teaches about Service
163. Jesus Heals the Blind
164. Jesus Brings Salvation to Zaccheus
165. The parable of the Ten Servants
166. A Woman Anoints Jesus

VI. The Last visit to Jerusalem (Passion, Resurrection, & Ascension)

A. Holy Week 1 (Palm Sunday to Holy Wednesday)

167. Jesus Rides Triumphantly into Jerusalem (Sunday)
168. Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem
169. Jesus Clears the Temple (Holy Monday)
170. The Significance of Jesus’ approaching Death
171. The Unbelief of the People
172. A Lesson from the Fig Tree – Part 1 (Tuesday)
173. Religious Leaders Challenge Jesus’ Authority
174. The Parable of the Two Sons
175. The Parable of the Evil Farmers
176. The Parable of the Wedding Feast
177. Taxes for Caesar
178. Discussion about the Resurrection
179. Discussion about the Greatest Commandment
180. A Question about the Messiah
181. Jesus Denounces the Religious Leaders
182. The Widow’s Offering
183. Jesus Foretells the Future
184. The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids
185. The Parable of the Three Servants
186. The Final Judgement
187. A Lesson from the Fig Tree – Part 2(Wednesday)
188. The Religious Leaders Continue their Plot to Murder Jesus
189. Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus

B. Holy Week 2 (Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday)

190. Preparation for the Passover (Thursday)
191. Jesus washes the Disciples’ Feet
192. The Last Supper [Passover Seder]
193. Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial
194. Jesus’ Farewell Discourse

a. Jesus the Way to the Father
b. Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
c. Jesus, the True Vine
d. The World’s Hatred
e. The Work of the Holy Spirit
f. Sadness will be Turned to Joy

195. Jesus’ Intercessory Prayer
196. Jesus Agonizes in the Garden
197. Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested (Friday)
198. Annas questions Jesus

a. Jesus at the High Priest’s House
b. Peter’s 1st Denial
c. The High Priest questions Jesus

199. Jesus is brought before Caiaphas
200. Peter Denies Knowing Jesus
201. Religious Leaders Condemn Jesus
202. Judas Hangs Himself
203. Jesus’ Trial before Pilate
204. Jesus’ Trial before Herod
205. Pilate Hands Jesus over to be Crucified
206. Roman Soldiers Mock Jesus
207. Jesus is Led away to be Crucified
208. Jesus is Crucified
209. Jesus’ Death
210. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb
211. Guards are Posted Outside the Tomb (Saturday)

C. Resurrection & The Risen Christ

212. Women come to Empty Tomb & Reports to the Disciples (Sunday)
213. Peter & John See the Empty Tomb and John Believes
214. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene and another Mary
215. Mary Magdalene Tells the Disciples She has seen Jesus
216. The Guards Report to the Sanhedrin
217. Jesus Appears to Cleopas & His Companion
218. Jesus Appears to the Disciples in Jerusalem
219. Jesus Appears to the Disciples with Thomas
220. Jesus appears to Seven Disciples

D. The Ascension

221. Jesus Gives the Great Commission
222. Jesus Ascends into Heaven

VII. Closing Texts

223. The Reason John Wrote His Gospel
224. The Epilogue of John’s Gospel

VIII. Post Gospel Accounts

As mentioned above, I hope this draft helps you in your personal journey of reading the Bible. This is my personal project to make it easier for beginners to read and understand Jesus’ story. I hope this encourages you to read the rest of the Bible afterwards. Do share to everyone you know. Reading the Bible gives greater joy when you can compare notes with a close friend and loved one.

For myself, I hope to publish this soon to help more people fall in love with God through His Words (the Bible). If you would like to thank me, you may donate any amount 😁. You may PM me via my facebook or twitter account for details. If you have none to give, that is alright, I don’t really expect anyone to pay me. If this personal project helps you find a deeper connection and sense of gratitude or understanding of God’s love, then that would be God’s greatest blessing for me.

To God be the Glory. …not mine


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